1960 Flxible Starliner

This Flxible Starliner started life as a Continental Airways hotel transport bus back in the 60’s when flying was a luxury.

Lue Thurin, a founding member for the Flixi club, bought the bus in the 70s and converted it to an RV. The original gas engine and manual transmission was not suitable, so he installed the Detroit Diesel 6v53 engine and an Allison 4 speed automatic transmission.



I bought the bus from Lue back in the 80s but the 1970s cabinetry and shag carpeting were outdated. I loved Lue’s floor plan, so I gutted the Flxi and replaced the interior with modern woods and fabrics while keeping Lou’s floor plan.

The bus was repainted in 2010. The bus has been stored in a covered, open-air, facility.

Engine: Detroit Diesel 6V53
Transmission: Allison 4 Speed Automatic;  Rebuilt about 2019
Generator: Onan 7KW 220VAC Gas Generator.






Kitchen:  Electric 110vac refrigerator, 2 burner electric cooktop, Convection/Microwave oven, 4 stage RO filter Hot water tank.

Bathroom:  Toilet, shower, 13″ wash basin

AC:  2 110vac Dometic Air Conditioners

Interior:  The interior contains custom made walls and cabinetry built out of solid Maple with solid Cherry accents.

The bedroom/living room has a fabric sofa that is a jackknife sofa/bed that opens to a queen size bed.

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