1946 & 1953 Flxible

Parts or Project

1953 flexible bus, Model: KF, Class: AQ, reg. expired in ‘81 No body damage, both these in my opinion are just shells or whatever.
The 1946 flexible Bus, Model:FI, This has a lot of rust damage and will need the most help out of the two.
They are for someone who has time and money to fix up and passion of course for these things. I cannot say anything about the motors BC I’m not a mechanic. I’d rather everyone assume they need new everything that way no ones’s upset.
I want to sell AS IS, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I do want these gone, I know they are worth quite a bit just in parts if you part them out. Parts are hard to find for these old Flxies.
The 1946 flexible Bus, Model: FI, registration expired in 1977
1953 flexible bus, Model: KF, Class: AQ, reg expired in 1981
MAKE AN OFFER FOR BOTH BUSES. I have the California Pink Slips for these busses.
Jordan Santos
Anderson, Ca