Hello! Thanks for choosing sellabus.com for your bus parts, engine listing or parts wanted request. The site is user friendly, easy to navigate and will be kept that way. Listings are reasonably priced and stay on the site until your parts are sold and you pay no commission on the sale. We offer payment by PayPal, check or money order. Listings should be sent by email to our webmaster and will be posted on the site within 24 hours after payment has been secured. Thank you,

How to list your parts: Listings with your parts for sale or parts wanted nformation can be sent by email including photo attachments. Attachments of photos should be normal .jpg, .png .bmp or .gif image files . Please do not send any other type image file. Type your description as an email and be sure to include your name and address with your listing. We do not post physical address on your ad. The selling price of your parts and the location must be placed with your listing."Make An Offer" is ok. PLEASE BE SURE AND INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER WITH YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION. WE HAVE SEVERAL LISTINGS THAT A POTENTIAL BUYER CANNOT CONTACT DUE TO CHANGED EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT ARE NO LONGER VALID. If you change your email server please advise.

Listings: You may use up to 250 words as your parts description (not including contact info) and one photo. Please inform us when your parts sell and we will place a "SOLD" sign on your listing.

Listing Fee & Payments: All parts listings, "PARTS FOR SALE", "PARTS WANTED"and "ENGINES" for sale ads are $25.00 and and run until sold or you have kocated or sold the parts. You may post one photo with your engine or parts listing. Additional photos if you wish are 5.00 each. Payment can be made by PayPal with your credit card. Payments sent using PayPal please use thelookout@verizon.net as the email address for payment. If you wish us to send you a PayPal "Click To Pay"with invoice you can use to pay simply email us. Payment must be secured before we can create your ad.

Credit Card payments please call the Lookout at 814 642-7901 during normal East Coast business hours. Thanks! You will receive a receipt of payment by email.

Please send your listing by email to sellabus@verizon.net

Thank You for listing your parts for sale with "sellabus.com", and best wishes for a quick sale. NOTE: "Price Reduced" on your listing is a free service. Any other changes are charged a small fee.

Please make MAIL IN payments payable to: The Lookout

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If you have any questions or need assistance, please call,  814-642-7901  during normal East Coast business hours.
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